I am a young dude (at the writing time; 24-year and 3-ish-month old to be precise), but I sometimes thought about the topic however. If I were to die right after writing this, I hope that there are a few things that the living people can help me with.

Body Donation

The brain and the memories are dead, but if other parts can live on and be useful, let them do it. I am an aphantasiac (one who has aphantasia), and is not too afraid of thinking about my body being “messed up” by people. I can relate to the fear people have, however.

Natural Burial

I actually had to research a bit on finding the right word, and “natural burial” seems to fit my idea well. Cremation (disposing dead body through burning) needs more energy. “Traditional” burial needs a coffin, and it takes more time for my body to fully disappear. Hence I choose “natural” burial, which means letting my remains disintegrate hassle free.

“Online” Legacies

My website is hosted a cheap VPN, with a “complex” build process. I am planning to simplify process, but my hope is:

  • Having the website up as it is; I have a bit of money within my VISA card that the VPN provider can charge for a few decades.
  • Having my GitHub repository up as it is.

“Offline” Legacies

I do not have a lot in my possession, but my wish is that my family members (parents and older sister) can find something useful and take it with them. The objects are:

  • PC (with monitors, and a keyboard, and a mouse)
  • Kindle
  • Musical instrumentals (guitar, ukulele, and kalimba)
  • Clothes

The stuff that “does not spark joy” (left-over, I mean) can be donated, or be thrown away, or be disposed, or being done anything by my family members. At last, please give the letters from my ex-girlfriend back to her and tell her I really appreciate them.


This is a short and vague post, but the topic is really heavy. Thank you for sticking through!